Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shipping FAQ

Shipping can be a major deciding factor when shopping online. I wanted to take a quick minute and explain some of the options I use to help save you money and to ensure that your product gets to you quickly and safely.

For shipping, I prefer to use the US Postal System. It has many cost efficent options and they ship world wide. They also offer free packaging for some of the shipping options, which saves us both money.

First Class Mail:
If you purchase a soap sampler, a bar or two of soap, or almost any product that is under 13 oz, I will usually use first class parcel shipping. This method runs from about $2 to $4 and gets your packages there in just a few days!

Priority Mail:
This is my most used method of shipping. Priorty mail boxes are free from the post office, meaning I don't have to purchase a box for your order. They also offer flat rate envelopes and boxes. I can fit upto 9 bars in an flat rate envelope for $5 anywhere in the US. The same in a box could be over $10!

Parcel Post:
Parcel Post used to be a great option for packages, it was cheap and you could get a package there within a week. But, with gas prices on the rise, the lowest price for Parcel Post is now over $5.50, making it more expenisve then priority in many cases. This is especially true for heavy boxes, shipping in a Priorty flat rate can save a lot of money.

Parcel Post is also the only entirelly ground service that the post office offers.  Parcel post cost start $5.39 with delivery confirmation.

Packing materials:
Being that I am cheap, I mean, being I always want to save you money, I often recycle packing materials that I get in packages. This means you may have several colors of packing peanuts, the bubble wrap may be different sizes, or paper I use may be white or brown. But I always do my best to pack your orders so that they arrive in one piece.

In the end, my goal is to ship your item so that it arrives safe and sound, and does not cost you an arm and a leg. Rest assured, if shopping on my website or on my Etsy site, I will always refund shipping overages in excess of $2.00.


twobloomsdesignstudio said...

I love that last photo the cat, so adorable. I'm in Canada so shipping is expensive. Wish we had a free box option like you do in the States. So envious of the American shipping rates.


kkmmgizi said...

I love your comment website for shipping...very creative with your wording and LOVE the pictures you inserted too!

Cathy Walker said...
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