Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bath Bombs, fizzing fun in the tub

Bath Bombs are one of my favorite bath and body items. Plop one in the tub, and watch it fizz, releasing scent and oils for you to enjoy while soaking. My bath bombs contain cocoa and shea butter along with jojoba, olive, and sweet almond oil, a true treat for your skin!

I am in the process of expanding my bath bomb line, and would love to hear comments on what scents you enjoy while relaxing in the tub. Love Lavender? Looking for the perfect plum? Florals what you fancy? Let me know what you like in the comments below!

Explore my current line at either my ArtFire or my Etsy Shops: Frosted Mint, Lavender, Relax Man, Sparkling Cranberry, Rock the Bath Bomb, and Good Morning Citrus.


glassidentities said...

I love hte fruit smells.. and the food smells.. not big on the flower smells. Spices and fruits and foods.. love them.

The Bath Project said...

candy, sugary scents! marshmallow, cotton candy, butterscotch, snickers (I'd LOVE to have one that smells like a snickers bar)...I really like lavender & tangerine together...my son likes life saver scents =o) can't wait to see what you come up with

Soapylove said...

In my workshops I have found that pink grapefruit is a universal favorite. It appeals to natural types, foodie types, sweet types, and traditionalists! I'm about to add it to my line, too, and would love to see it in a bath bomb! :)