Sunday, January 11, 2009

Two new soaps and a restock

I love making new soaps, deciding what scent to soap, what colors to use, how I want the colors to interact in the soap, that is what makes this fun for me. But, even better, is having to restock a scent, as that shows I got it right! Here are three soaps I have been working on.

Sweet Lust is a sweet floral scent I blended to celebrate the season of love. Reds and pinks accent the scent. Green notes and a slight fruitty note complete this fun, lushish soap. Still on the curing rack, look for this soap in a few weeks.

Right now the scent of citrus fills the air at my house. First from my newest soap, a great combo of lemon and lime. Show here in full gel, I can't wait to cut this soap!!

Molten Lavender is my restock. Lemon accents the sexy scent of lavender while swirls of dark purple and lemon yellow pop against the light purple background. Shown here in full gel, this soap should be ready to cut tomorrow! I can not wait!

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