Saturday, November 22, 2008

Whew, a busy past week

What a busy week I have had. Not only have I been working at my day job, I have been working on stock for the Christmas season. Peppermint, Coal, Three Wise Men, are some of my recent soaps.

To make things even better, I decided last minute to put product in our new local craft mall. And when going to sign up, we learned that they were having a Christmas open house. So, we signed up Thursday, stocked the booth Friday, and the open house was today.

Tomorrow, will will bring a bit more stock and check out what the first day brought us in sales.

On another note, in the mold I have another 6 color swirl. Patchouli scented, I am going for a darker rainbow, sort of a mens version of my Kaleido-Soap, though I know Patch is a scent for all. Cutting that tomorrow will be exciting.

I also worked on bath bombs and lip balms. I will figure out how to post pictures tomorrow.

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