Thursday, November 13, 2008

A new day, A new blog

Each day I wake up thinking about the day ahead. What challenges will I face, will there be setbacks to overcome, will I have a good day, full of joy and laughter, and the all important sense of accomplishment that many of us crave.

Today I decided to share my days in the form of a blog. Though working full time in Real Estate, I long to run my own business full time. I long for the days where I can be in my workshop full time, creating products that people will enjoy.

That is what KBShimmer is all about. Creating bath and body products full of life, color, and scents that will make people feel that life can provide pleasure around every turn, be it a beautiful bar of soap, or the laughter from a small child sniffing lip balm.

Come along with me, explore the world of cold process soap making as I push myself to the limit, testing my skills in order to make products people enjoy, not only as soap and bath products, but as art.

Along the way, I hope to show you not only my creations, but the wonderful works of arts that others create. One post at a time, maybe I can bring a smile to someone's face, show someone that you can afford a bit of luxury, and maybe I can help someone else push their own limits along the way.

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