Friday, April 2, 2010

Mystery Boxes

As a child I loved the grab bags at stores. The brown paper sacks sold at a discount, content hidden from my eyes held so many possibilities. When my mom would say yes, I would tear into the bag, looking over each item, full of excitement.

Today, I offer the same experience to my customers. KBShimmer Mystery boxes are your chance to try our products at a great discount. I fill them with soaps that are great, but might be a discontinued scent, the wrong color, or dented. Bath bombs that may have cracked or faded, lip balms with labels that are not on straight, or other items that are great for use, but not perfect will find their way into mystery boxes.

Get one while you can. I don’t always have items to fill them, so quantity is limited!


Cocobong said...

What a WONDERFUL idea!! Wish I could get one for myself, but since I'm overseas....
Happy soaping!

Anne-Marie said...

So fun! How can one resist?